The Infinite Journey

Writings of R.M. Moussallem launched in February of 2018 and is a personal database of meditations, poems and conscious/spiritual writings compiled by the author, R.M. Moussallem. The writings are free and available to anyone who visits the site. We ask that if you share you please provide credit to help this website grow.

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R.M. Moussallem

  • Author/Writer/Poet
  • Professional Accountant
  • Philosopher
  • Self-Taught Web/Software Developer

R.M. Moussallem began this journey by leaving a successful career as a Chartered Professional Accountant despite many years of arduous training.

Having focused his life on formal education, the author made the decision to explore the infinite garden of thought attempting to let go of the bias of past conditioning and follow his passion for writing and sharing his writing.

Taking on the pseudonym of Rocky Mountain Monk, the author focuses on fitness, writing, travel, volunteering and philosophy, while reflecting on love, happiness, anger, fear, ego, the self, nature, and the reality in which we exist.

He constantly compiles writings from experiences, observations of the world and nature, meditations, and supportive words into this website to share with whomever may be interested.

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