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The Infinite Journey:
Meditations of a Rocky Mountain Monk

Ricardos M. Moussallem

The Infinite Journey is a collection of verses and poems dealing with various emotional and spiritual aspects of life. The authors own exploration into the self and notions of a love without bias, condition or judgement.
A journey into unconditional love and into conscious thought.

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About The Infinite Journey

As moments pass by we use information to make important life decisions and choices. Throughout this life it has proven difficult to find many absolute truths other than the ones derived based on reflections of this consciousness. If information is the haystack than truth certainly is the needle.

This text is a labour of love and a collection of some of the mindfulness meditative thoughts experienced during self-exploration and search for truth. A collection of the reflections and thoughts this consciousness has experienced on love, happiness, anger, fear, ego, the self, and the reality in which we exist.

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"Letting go of who we think we need to be allows others to unconditionally love the person that we are."

- Ricardos M. Moussallem


Ricardos M. Moussallem

  • Author/Writer/Poet
  • Professional Accountant
  • Philosopher
  • Self-Taught Web Developer
  • CompassionCord Weaver

Ricardos M. Moussallem began this journey by leaving a successful career as a Chartered Professional Accountant despite many years of arduous training.

Having focused his life on formal education, Ricardos made the decision to explore the infinite garden of thought attempting to let go of the bias of past conditioning.

Taking on the pseudonym of Rocky Mountain Monk, Ricardos now focuses on fitness, writing, travel, volunteering and philosophy, while reflecting on love, happiness, anger, fear, ego, the self, and the reality in which we exist.

He constantly compiles writings from experiences, observations of the world and nature, meditations, and supportive words into collections available in text (in his first book The Infinite Journey, Meditations of a Rocky Mountain Monk) and online via social media or in the blog section of this website.

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"Beauty has nothing to do with how we look. We may not see this for the many illusions of this world convince us how we should be, making less of how and who we are. The very act of existence is what is truly beautiful. The only thing stopping us from being beautiful is the realization that the world will never define our existence and can never define our beauty. This is our responsibility to define.

- Ricardos M. Moussallem

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Ricardos Moussallem

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